So is Wireless N Now Worth It?

Hey guys, was shopping for a new router, since my WRT54G finally gave out or something. Nowadays most routers sold in retail are N capable. We've been hearing about 802.11n for a long time, and how it's not worth it, wayyyy back.

Now I'm wondering if I should get a Wireless N router. Is it worth getting a wireless N router? If so, I also plan to buy a wireless N card to maximize the purchase. Appreciate any thoughts :)
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  1. Stick to the same brand of router and adapter for assured compatibility.
  2. Agree with fihart, things should be smoother with the uni-brand setup, since they were designed from the ground up to work together seamlessly.

    You should spend for a Wireless N setup, especially if your broadband's fast. Worth it, IMO.
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