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I have just purchased a new computer with xp. My old computer with xp has a software program that I downloaded for free sometime ago. You can still download it for free but I want to keep the one that I know how to use well. The new download would slow down my work too much.

Is there a way I can backup the software program and put it on my new computer without missing any files and causing myself problems. Also since I have installed the other programs from their CD's how do I find out where all my programs stored my data files so that I can backup up just the data files and move them to my new computer?

Thank you for any assistance.
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  1. Yes. But more info is required.
  2. The best resourse for this would be the software makers web site or manual.

    You will need to re-install it though, most programs you can't just copy their directory and have it work. Although some you can, but that is where the vendor of the software comes in, they can get you that info.

    Same thing for the data files, but if you post what the program is, someone here may know offhand.
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