New Homebuilt - Need help with SATA drives

I just put my new system together last night, and was booting it up to install XP, and got a BSoD that suggested that I uninstall any new hard drives. I tried just rebooting and it froze at "Verifying DMI pool data..." I have two WD 160g SATA drives in this build, so I disconnected one and tried again. Same thing, so I powered down, plugged that drive back in, and unhooked the other. Same thing. I unplugged both drives and booted again-- and this time it went past that just fine and began booting from the XP CD.

I've already verified that it's not an issue with the SATA cables or the SATA ports on the mobo. BIOS can see the hard drives and can recognize how big they are and so on. Yet all the troubleshooting tips for this issue I've found so far seem to point at the hard drives. I haven't installed a ding dong thing on this box yet. I've fiddled with BIOS and CMOS settings, tried booting with the SATA drives reading as IDE as well as trying it with AHCI mode enabled and it doesn't make a difference. I've reset CMOS and no effect. I've disabled 1394, USB, serial and parallel ports, and everything else that I could think of that might be interfering. Nothing made a difference.

I'm stumped. I really don't think the hard drives are bad, though I guess it's a possibility. Anybody have any suggestions???
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  1. Is the BIOS set to boot from the optical drive before either of the HDDs? Sounds like it is detecting and trying to boot from the HDDs and you want to boot from the optical to load the OS.
  2. I think I tried that, but I guess it's worth trying again. I think the "Verifying DMI pool data" comes before trying to detect the boot device, though, so I'm not sure that that'll help. Worth a try though.
  3. don't forget, you might need to format the drives b4 u can use them...
  4. Some boards are picky which sata port the boot HDD is plugged into. Read your manual.
  5. Well, ensuring that the CD drive came before the HDD in the boot order didn't help.

    I've also already tried changing which SATA ports the HDDs are plugged into without any effect.

    Oddly, last night I tried plugging in my known good SATA HDD from my old computer-- and it went past the "Verifying DMI pool data" message, anyway. Still didn't boot successfully, but I thought it was interesting that it seemed to recognize that drive.

    I'm not sure how to go about formatting the new drives-- I got them OEM, so didn't get any instructions. Any advice?

  6. Ok try this.
    Unplug drives.
    Reset Cmos.
    Plug only one drive in make sure it is on the boot sata plug "refer to your manual"
    In bios make sure it is IDE mode and no sata or achi is enabled.
    Boot order DVD then HDD
    Boot from disk and it should get you to a screen where you can format.
    If not then you probably are gonna have to get your SATA drivers on a floppy or thumb drive then press F6 when booting from CD to install them. I think XP might need drivers for sataa, but I'm not 100% I know Vista doesnt. Vista only needs Raid drivers if you are doing raid.

    Follow this exact and you should get somewhere.
  7. That did it! IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for your help :D
  8. Cool. Congratulations. What do I win?
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