8800 GTS 320 MB (G80)

Quick question... i have my card overclocked to 612 Mhz & my memory @ 828 Mhz ( i know its prob. unnecessary)
my GPU temp is currently 67 degrees Celsius @ idle with a fan speed @ 80%. The temp during max stress is around 84 degrees C. It has the stock fan.
Is this too hot, or within safe and reasonable limits to this card?
Any input is appreciated
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  1. It is a bit hot but nothing out of the ordinary. GPUs are meant to take a high heat load so it isn't that big a deal. According to nvidia the max for G80 is 145c which you are well below so I would say no worries as long as it is stable.
  2. thanx
  3. There is no way the gpu is going to be usable at 145c. Most gpus can go up to ~100c (depending on the card) without problems. What program are you using for changing fan speed and monitoring temps? As faster3200 said though, as long as it's stable, I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. In general GPU under 100C is OK and under 80C will be perfect using stock cooling. as long as your OC is stable its fine.

    just a side note when OC a graphics card the most likely thing to crack up is the memory it seems to be more fragile to increase out of spec frequency.
  5. I'm using RivaTuner to OC the card, GPU-z to monitor it and the temps, but i'm using the INVIDIA Control Panel to change the fan speed.
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