Problems with asus p5e3 and ocz1600

My system: Asus P5E3 Deluxe/Wi-Fi, memory OCZ DDR3 1600-1gb x2, XFX 8800GT 512mb, q6600, plus 2 dvd drives and 2 HD: WD & Seagate + Ultra X3 800wt

I assembled mobo + videocard + 2 memory sticks, connected power - nothing on the screen, and green light shining on the mobo. I removed one memory stick - something started to show on the screen and stopped - only blinking cursor. Read this forum, flushed battery a few times, nothing. Only when I'm using one stick, the system powering up (no image), anlyd with another stick it's powering up and shut down in a few seconds. But I saw something on the screen one and only time (with one stick)

My questions are:
1) how important memory slots? should I always keep memory sticks in red A1 & A2? Or, as somebody wrote that it should be black B1& B2? (don't know why, though)
1a) is it possible that one stick is dead? how to test it?
2) this board needs 24 pins and 4 or 8 extra pins cable? 4 or 8 - i didn't find it in the manual.
3) i bought everything in December-January and was abcent 2 monthes, so I could start to build system only now and don't seems like somebody going to return or refund me on these parts. Only agreed replave the memory. Where I can repair mobo?
4) I bought best parts, highly reviewed and was thinking to assemble good home system for games, music etc. Now I full of anger, hate and frustrastion because of endless swapping parts, resetting, reading forums with no answers... It's so time and money consuming and depressing... I really stack and don't know what to do next.
5) what mobo - asus or gygabite works most reliable with OCZ ddr3 1600mgh? Or what DDR3 memory brand work best with ASUS P5E3?

and Please tell me what to do next with this pile of $3,000 %!@#$!

(sorry my mistakes - English is my second language)
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  1. ususally all issues related to incompatible memory is wrong - that is all good memory is compatible with any mobo

    i use ocz, patriot,gskill,teamxtreme,corsair,muskin,supertalent and more all interchangble.

    i just ran a maximus ddr3 with 4 types of ddr1600 no problems, although i did not use ocz i did use patriot, corsair and supertalent.

    A1) you always need dual channe slots in most mobos its the same color but not all dfi is different for example

    it does not matter if you use 2 and 4 or 1 and 3 but do not use all 4 slots - you should only use 2 slots or you set up latency issues

    A1a) yes, swap sticks in slots 3 or 4. test with memtest or similar - built into nvdia mobos and built in vista

    A2) all new mobos for years require 4 extra pins for pci-e slots

    A3) call each shop and tell them you active on THG and you post their response. then again if you bought from the cheapest you probably have less return issues.
    A4) you can buy a system from me or send me the parts i build it for you - thats what i do!

    the problem is not the memory its the set up - you need to load the os with default settings of ddr1066 most likely

    A5) ocz works fine with all

    again your issue is your lack of knowledge, its most likely a tuning issue. swap sticks in slots 3 and 4 and load os with defult fsb or 1066 or 1333 of the cpu
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