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I have a question about controlling the speed of the system fan. My mobo is a Gigabyte p35-DS3R(rev2.0), and CPU is a Q6600(b3), and my cpu cooler is a Zalman 9500. Anyway, I put in a beefy 120mm to replace one of the case fans(3d aurora), and I want to precisely control its speed. It's plugged in to sysfan, which is fan #2. At full speed, it's a jet engine, but on auto(voltage control) it's too low, and grates a little bit. I want to be able to control the voltage/speed going to the fan with a software controller, and speedfan seems to be doing nothing for me. Any ideas? I couldn't find anything. Thanks.
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  1. I know there are special fan controllers that allow you to change everything with software, but they are very expensive ($150+). I would suggest you just buy a fan controller. Cheap ones can be found for $20 and nicer ones for about $50.
  2. In theory, controlling the fan speed by software based on some factor like temperature is good. I have found that it is annoying to hear the increase/decrease of fan speed. It sounds much better to me to set my fans at a constant speed. Under load, things just get hotter. To dial in the exact compromise speed, you can use a Zalman fanmate. At $3.99 you can't go wrong.
  3. Or try something like this one from Cooler Master.
    $19 (has a hardware fan controller, and a thermal sensor built in) This is a 120mm Fan.

    or a fan controller:
    $18 (fits in a floppy bay, controlls 4 fans)

    $30 (Fits in a CD ROM bay, controlls 4 fans)

    FrozenCPU have more, and ones that controll more, or fewer fans.

    this will be great but its not software control though.but it has a clean design that you wanted.take a look but its not cheap mind you!
  5. It seams wasteful to get any hardware solution when speedfan should be doing this for “free”, and not to mention waay more convenient and precise than any hardware solution could.

    I was very into getting ga p35 ds3r, but I couldn’t find out if it supports speedfan or not.

    Just to be sure, RyanFlemington, did you try to set fan speed to “disable” in bios and than to control it via speedfan? My Asus p5k-e can do this only when set to disable. It does work right untill i turn my computer off. Its annoying as I need to go to bios and enable bios fan speed, than restart and disable it again- and i need to do this every time I turn off and than on computer.

    I was hoping GA did it better than Asus, but if what you’re saying is true, its even worse (non-existent actually) for p35 ds3r. Does anyone know if same is true for p45 ds3r? It stands to reason that they havent fixed this... I know GA has fairly good bios fan speed control, but i prefer manual control over automatic- and speedfan provides both- on the fly in real time- via software- for free.
  6. its more of how the BIOS control each and every IC and fans. i have a computer that fully support every fuking single fans in the system. now you cant blame speedfan!
  7. I'm pretty sure the -DS3R has BIOS settings for fan speed control, or use the software utility that came with it (forget the name; I used it on my -DS2R, "eztune5" perhaps?). You set the lower and upper thermal range, and the lower and upper fan RPM range. What you would do is set the lower RPM limit higher than what it is now.
    Abit's equivalent is uGuru; what I'm using now to control all of my fans (there are four).
  8. or you can do it the hard way thats one totally free and permanent way to do it.
  9. picture shown as:



    its super sinple stuff nothing complicated!:)and its totally free!
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