new pc build advice needed plz...

Hi, im building my first system, and I was hoping to get some feedback fr experienced builders out here. I need a pc that will last me for 3-4 yrs, and good enough to handle multiple applications (photoshop, firefox. powerpoint...) and run modern games (ut3, supreme commander, FEAR...) relatively well (med to high settings). My budget is ~ $1000. I live in Canada so newegg is not an option for me  .

Here is what I have so far:
Q6600 (G0)- plan to OC to 3.6ghz- $260
Abit ip35 pro- $190
Crucial ballistix tracer 2x1g- $85
OCZ gameXtreme 700w $120
Thermaltake ultra 120 extreme + 3x120mm scythe fans+ shin-etsu x23- $85
Seagate Barracuda 500gb, 7200rpm, 32mb cache $116
Galaxy Geforce 8800GT Overclocked 600MHZ 512MB 2.0GHZ, PCI-E $230

Total $1085

My old pc just died out on me and I need to get a new one FAST...
Any feedback, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Over all looks good. Good save with an ASUS P5K E mobo very well featured. That PSU is really overkill, something like the Antec Neo HE 550 or 650 will work.
  2. That PSU would work and the 900 is a really nice case
  3. I just ordered my stuff and here is what i went with

    Q6600 (G0)
    Abit ip35 pro
    Crucial Ballistix PC2-6400 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-800
    Corsair 620HX 620W
    Thermaltake ultra 120 extreme
    4x120mm scythe fans (for case and HS)
    shin-etsu x23 paste
    Seagate Barracuda 500gb, 7200rpm, 32mb cache
    BFG GeForce 8800GT OC 512MB GDDR3
    Coolermaster CM 690
    Total $1200

    Its a little over my budget, but hopefully its worth. Thanks to everyone that helped, i'll let u know how it turns out once i put it together. cheers
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