Will XP run OK with 2, 2 gig sticks?

The reason I ask is because memory is dirt cheap right now. I can get 2X2gigs of Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 for $100.00. Even though XP can only use 3, I figure I should buy while it's cheap. Right now, I have 2, 1 gig sticks.

Is the correct way to add this memory in 2, 2 gig sticks? I've heard rumor that it's better than 4, 1 gig sticks.

P.S. It's the 32-bit version of XP
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  1. It's hard to know if RAM will or will not get cheaper. DDR is pretty expensive compared to DDR2, but I'm guessing that they'll be cheaper later.

    Also, Newegg has these:
    which are probably a better deal (yes, 5-5-5-18)

    Some motherboards don't overclock as well with 4 sticks of RAM as with 2 (something to do with the voltage supplied, IIRC).

    I doubt you'd get much improvement with 3-4gb than with 2gb. That's the choice I'm going with. If I could only buy a cheap upgrade to xp64, I might consider it, but if that's an option, I'm missing it.

    If you are trying to future-proof, be aware that Nehalem will only accept DDR3.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll probably stick with two gigs until I need to switch to Vista.
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