Need some Surround sound help, PLEASE!

Alright. On my old system this wasnt an issue, but on this one I can't seem to get 5.1 to work. However, I can get all my speakers to work fine if I select 7.1, wtf right?

This is all well and good for music and movies etc. but in games it is frustrating because I can't hear behind me because even though I have 7.1 selected, i dont really have a set of rear speakers. If I was in 5.1, it would compensate and at least give me sounds behind me through the side speakers.

I've tried all the jacks on the back of my soundcard but this is the only port the side speakers work on and only in 7.1.

Any ideas? I can live with it.. but it would be nice if it worked properly, I love my speakers and dont want to have to get 7.1 speakers to fix the issue, lol.
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  1. I don't see your soundcard in your sig....

    Also, do you know which codec it uses (if non-xfi)
  2. Exactly what soundcard and what set of speakers do you use?

    I had a problem awhile back that I couldnt use 5.1 from an older creative live soundblaster. It sucked bad! I upgraded to a used soundblaster audigy 4 and with the latest driver it works fine. I obviously have to disable all onboard sound options and remove all those drivers so there is no conflict. Also the speaker system I use has a blend button that has to be disabled.
  3. I think I might have figured it out... i updated the driver again and tried plugging my rear speakers into another port.. then a screen came up asking me if I jsut plugged in my rear speakers and I said yes... So simple yet so annoying.. if you plug it in wrong once you have to reset the drivers and do it again :S
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