WD Caviar Blue vs Black 640gb

I have purchased two WD 640gb blue's because they were rocken with a 60.00 sale. Im going to put them in a RAID 0 but theres lots of hot topics on the black edition. The only difference is the 32mb cache, should I sell these off and invest in two black editions? Anyone have some experience with the two?
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  1. If you have already bought 2 Blues then no its not worth it...

    The blacks are quicker though
  2. Well yes like chookman said, blacks are quicker but its nt wise to sell the Blues and get them because u would have to pay $20 more for the Blacks as they are retailing around $80...so nt advisable....
  3. I can return these two and get blacks for 70 a piece..so that would be only 20 more for the upgrade..can you feel a difference?
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