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Anyone have any views on possible compatibility issues using an 8800GT G92 with a M2N32 Sli mobo that doesnt support pcie 2.0. Wil this affect performance as i have read that the cards that are available dont use the extra bandwidth that pcie 2.0 provides anyway. Plan to SLI at some stage also, i know it doesnt seem to help much but i noticed my frames go up significantly in most of my games when i SLi ed my 7600GT's.

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  1. I'm running a pair of 8800GT's on a 939 Abit 32x with no issues and good results so I think you could be OK.
  2. 8800 gt did in fact work great on my board and it is even drawing less power from my psu as the 12v rail isnt dropping to 11.8v underl oad like it was with the two 7600GT's installed.

    Thanks for responding mousemonkey, ill throw u a a banana.

  3. :wahoo: Glad to hear it went OK.
    Have fun.
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