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I need to upgrade my current desktop to something new. My budget is very limited. I need something that can play Counter-Strike Source with max settings and Team Fortress 2 with decent settings. Sometimes I play WoW but most any GPU can handle that. Other than gaming I am heavily involved with Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I would like to keep this as cheap as possible. But under $500 if you're looking for a number. Thanks :)

I have the following already:
Mouse: Logitech MX518
Speakers: Logitech X-230's
Monitor: Magnavox 19MD357B/37 (1440x900). It's also my TV :)
Western Digital 320GB external HDD.
IceMat Siberia Headset

So basically I need all new parts!

CPU: Definitely want to go the C2D route. Probably the E2160? Will overclock it to something stable (3.0GHz?).
GPU: Thinking ATI HD 3850. 256mb? 512?
Memory: For starters 2gb. I would prefer 1 2gb stick for future upgrade ability. I plan on going 2x2gb or more at some point.
Case: Anything?
Keyboard: Nothing too big. I am used to keyboards as small as the Asus EEE PC's keyboard up to the G15 Logitech keyboard. Would prefer something in between I guess.
PSU: Not sure
DVD Drive: Any?
Mobo: No idea
HD: Size isn't very important. Over 120gb.
If there is anything else I forgot please let me know!
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  1. Switch the mobo out for P35 for $60:

    Use the rest from above.
  2. Or grab a 3850 and save about 40 bucks more.
  3. Hey, just something to think about, stop over at, right now they've got some barebones, give you the case and all for decent.
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