Two 3870 X2's in a X38 board? + more options

Is it possible to put two HD 3870 X2's for a CrossFire configuration, in a ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA X38 board? Also if not can you put two HD 3870's in it? And which is faster dual HD 3870's or a single HD 3870 X2? Any links for comparing the different configs would be helpful. :)
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  1. yes i have dual 3870X2 cards on my maximus extreme..... have a link with pics
  2. You should be able to run two 3870x2's in Crossfire! Just make sure that you can meet the power requirements (you will have to use 4-6 pin of not overclocked / or / 2-six pin and 2-8 pin connectors). You better have over a 1000 watt PSU as well. I would think that since both the 3870 in SLI or One 3870x2 should be pretty comparable in speed...since you are talking two GPU's. You might find two 3870's cheaper than the one 3870x2 right now.

  3. Yes cheapest scenario right now is two for HD 3870's $382.64, while one HD 3870 X2 being $456.60. Also i have a 850W PSU right now. It has two 8 pin connectors, and four 6 pin connectors.
  4. yes 850 is good for a psu but 750 would also work depending on the quality of the psu
  5. Id reccomend one 3870x2 over 2 dual cards.
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