IP addressing from wireless router!?

im having a problem with the IP adressin from my wireless router.

So far i am on a network with another pC/laptop and i have found that the IP addresses are the same bar the last number

EXAMPLE (router default) (my pc) ( other laptop)

OS- Win XP home Sp3 with automatic updates on
Router- Netgear DG834G

My pc has a problem in that on a crash the event viewer reports a DHCP error and that a lease could not be obtained from the server ( im guessing the router) to me- the client...there is no other problem on the other laptop and im sure both are dynamically assigned! also there are errors pointing to failed network adress assignments!

would it be better to have a static IP adress set up and where do i get a new IP from if so??? any ideas?

cheers guys!
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  1. You could try assigning a static IP address and see if it resolves you problem.
    Try running the "ipconfig /all" command in a cmd window to see what all the addresses are.
    You will need an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway (router IP), and DNS IP addresses to complete the static address.
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