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Need Vista Home DVD Media for repair

Has anyone come across a link on Microsoft or Technet to download an .iso image of Vista Home Premium 32-bit media?

I am trying to repair a user's laptop that gets an 0x0000007f error on boot-up and fails.

I was able to use the Ultimate DVD to get into System Restore but that actual restore fails on multiple tries.

I have tested the ram and hard drive okay.
I have tried Last known good Config
Safemode won't let me in either.

I ran chkdsk from the command prompt using the DVD\
bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd no drives are seen but I can see all of the contents on the c: drive and copied some files off it.

Any ideas on how I can proceed?
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    Well, I was not able to find a copy of the dvd from anyone, I was able to finally get it to boot-up from the stop: 0x0000007f error.

    I removed the hard drive and scanned it with Microsoft Security Essentials' newest Beta version in another computer. It found 4 trojans and put it back into the laptop and booted up to the Vista login screen.
    Laptop's keyboard and touchpad did not work, so I hooked up an external usb keyboard and logged in and reistalled the drivers.
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