New Hardware Wizard Loop

Hi all

I am having a problem with a laptop which is in a Found New Hardware Wizard loop whenever a USB device is plugged in.

Below is a video of what i mean. I can install the device if i cancel out of the loop and goto device manager but that is far from ideal. I have run a malware and virus scan and also run checkdisk.

can anyone help??

I apologise for the poor video quality:

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  1. First, great way of showing the issue!

    Second, did you ever have an overvoltage error on the USB ports? Have you tried a BIOS update? Since you said it happens with several USB devices, which have you tried? Try different things, not just USB drives, maybe a printer also if you can.

    This looks like a motherboard issue at first sniff.
  2. It's a teacher's laptop at one of the schools i work at. She gets this with any device she plugs in that isn't already installed. I am not back at that school until friday so will ask her then about the overvoltage and i will look for a BIOS update.
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