Hard drive does not spin

Hi everyone,

I put together a pc from parts I bought at fry’s. After assembling the parts when
I start up my pc, the fan on the processor, and the fan on the power supply and the
case fan starts spinning for about 7 seconds and then stops.
The hard drive does not spin at all. I believe the mother board is getting power because
When I start my pc a green light shows up on my motherboard.
I tried starting my pc with only the dvd burner, only hard drive, only memory connected however I get the same results
I checked the data cable and power cable and jumpers on the hard drive.
How can I get my new hard drive to spin so I can install the operating system?
Should I try any thing else?

Please help,

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  1. First, recheck all conections, maybe you forgot or misconnected (not a word, I know) something

    Second, try a spare PSU or test your PSU in a known working system.

    Third, try booting with just the CPU, VGA and ram installed.

    Tell us how this goes.

    And BTW, post your specs, we're not psychist here.
  2. The problem you have is not a hard drive problem, it more look loke booting problem, I will check for the short first, without hard drive be connected, you still can boot into bios.
  3. If SirCrono's advice does not help, please post full list of parts, including the PSU, make and model.

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