which motherboard to buy?msi or asus?

I am planning to buy ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 and goin to upgrade to new mobo and cpu.Currently i got MSI k9n diomiond amd 4800+.I will stick with amd for sure but just wondering should i go with asus motherboard or not.Though i was thinking of asus crossair but its just a thought.As earlier i had asus p5wdh deluxe and it had lot of problems.Name of asus is big but not sure how it really gonna go with amd.I have msi k9n diomond for 10 months and i didn't had any problem.So u guys suggest me
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  1. In my own experience, I've had more problems with MSI boards than with ASUS boards. The Crosshair is a great board for overclockers. Paired with a 5000+ BE, it can perform wonders. At the moment, though, I'd look to one of the ASUS 790FX boards, as such would both run the 5000+ BE and provide an upgrade path to an Phenom if you desire it in the future.
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