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hey guys, i'm getting a thermaltake lanbox lite with a e5200 and I want to OC it to 3.5ghz (337x10.5) with ddr2 667 mem. Now I have 100mm of space for the cooler give or take a few mm's. I was looking at a zalman cnps8000 or the coolermaster geminii s. If you have any suggestions and or experiences with these coolers and or case I will love to read all about it.

Oh and the mobo is ASUS P5QL-EM and will get an 8800gts g92
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  1. how tall is the artic cooling freezer 7 pro?
  2. 126.5mm...I'd love a tower like heatsink that can blow hot air to the rear...but they are all too tall.
  3. yes, i think i've got an option here:

    small and should be effective! also, maybe the thermaltake mini-typhoon?

    EDIT: 64mm i think i saw on pccasegear... certainly under your 100mm limit!
  4. the M-typhoon will be better i think.but can you post me a link of your case?
  5. but how tall is the M typhoon?
  6. he will need to change to a smaller fan then it will fit.i think its better then the Zalman's because it has more heatpipes and fin to dissipate the heat.
  7. yeah the zalman has a 10 or 12 mm fan on it :)
  8. here is the zalman tested with 125w thermal load

    and the shurikine with 140w and 85w thermal load

    the e5200 is 65w so both should do the job pretty well
  9. i found frostytechs review is difficult to read. they should show resulk in the actualy temp in graphs with few other coolers in the same league/price range.rather then a massive tally full of letters and number. and they should drop their SYNTHETIC THERMAL TEST PLATFORM with a more popular config like core 2 quad and OC it.

    back to topic yeah both should do well in cooling the E5200 but i prefer the Shurikine.
  10. What about intel's cooler? is there a big difference between a zalman cnps8000/scythe shuriken vs intel's stock cooler inside a sff case?
  11. If the stock cooler can be used Ill be able to get a ASUS P5QL-EM (G43) with 4 mem slots rather than the ASUS P5KPL-CM (G31) with 2 mem slots without too much of a price difference.
  12. i would get a good cooler so the CPU are able to run cooler = last longer.and you can OC as well.what case you gonna go for?post us some links.
  13. Well its a thermaltake lanbox lite

    And here are my choices

    Without the cooler I have a $160 budget. I was looking at a 8800gts g92 seeing as it is cooler than the 8800gt and blows hot air outside of the case and with $130-$140 I can get one off of poing being I don't want a very fancy cooler just one that can handle the heat.
  14. Ha!!! check it out, not the coolest heatsink but just what I was looking for. It measures 100-101mm but I can mod it so that it'll fit

    Glacialtech Igloo 5610 PWM

    Small tower all I have to do is find one.
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