How do I find Hard Drive location

I need to findthe hard drive location using this format: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)

Where do I go to find that info? This is for editing the XP boot.ini

Thanks in advance.
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  1. not sure if this will work in xp but - try loading a command window and typing 'diskpart' and when it loads the second window - type in 'list part' and 'list volume' then just use the numbers to fill it in the format you need.

    another way is to think logically, if your c drive is listed as above, your second drive will be d and disk(1) with the ending the same for the first partition

    you could also use a program like easybcd to change it all for you.
  2. The computer was for a customer. They wanted windows 98, a fresh install of XP while keeping their old XP install. A new Hard drive was purchased for the new OS's along with a Sata controller as their computer did not have Sata. The Sata controller and 250GB HD was cheaper than the 250 ATA HD with shipping. So since it was on a different controller I did not know how it would work. They needed it back so we just settled for being able to access old files without the actual OS being bootable. However if anyone can think of a sure way to find this out still post back as I will be back to set up their email account to work with Outlook.
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