Need help on wich system to buy!!!


I'm going to order my new system next monday, and I've done a lot of research (i'm 15 years old and live in holland, so please don't blame me for my english:P) And I've finally come up with 2 optional choices, and I don't know wich one I should choose :S......

Option 1:

CPU: E8400
Cooler: tuniq tower 120 (I've got a budget, thermalright ultra 120 extreme is to expensive)
PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 600w (most bang for buck here in europe..., and again paying atention to my budget)
Motherboard: Asus P5E (Mainly chose this one for OC'ing and true x16 crossfire)
Graphics Card: Sapphire HD3870
RAM: Team Xtreme ddr2 dark dual channel pc-6400 4-4-4-12 (Here in Holland prices are a bit dirrerent, so Crucial is to exspensive for me..... but i've read somewhere that these were able to do 960Mhz with the same 4-4-4-12 timings!)

Option 2:

CPU: E8400
Cooler: tuniq tower 120
PSU: Ocz StealthXstream 600w
Motherboard: GA-P35-DS3L
Graphics Card: Point of View Geforce 8800gts 512mb (Cheapest one here)
RAM: same as option 1 or Corsair Xms2 pc-6400 4-4-4-12 DHX (the one with the dominator style heatsink... :P)

So those are the options i've come up with, both are about 710€

but the thing is, I'm planning to oc my CPU to atleast 4Ghz, hoping to hit 4,3/4,4 So therefore i think the P5E is the better option, look at its massive heatsink!!! And I know you all praise the p35-ds3l on this forum, but it's heatsink is so smal:S, so I thought I'd never be able to hit 4,3/4,4 with the p35-ds3l,

On the other hand we have the graphics cards, the 8800gts is (much) better than the ati hd3870, but I'm a bit of an ati fanboy (always have been), and I still play on a 17" crt, (yeah i know, but getting money for a 22" lcd is hard when you're 15 :P), so I'll be playing at 1024X768 or 1280x1024, and with those resolutions it doesn't really matter wich card, and if I do choose ati and the asus mobo, I'll also be able to plug another 3870 in.... (but then I'll have a problem with the power suply........)

Becease I'm a bit of an ati fanboy, and becease I think the P5E is better for overclocking, I'm leaning a bit more towards option 1.

but I'll hapilly be listening to your opinions!

Thanks in Advance!!!!

p.s. It's going to make a huge improvement one way or another, because my current specs are (don't laugh:P):

AMD xp 2600+ Barton @ 2,3 Ghz.
Asus A7n8x-x, 1,5 gig pc-2700 @ pc-3200
Ati x1650 pro 512 mb ddr2 agp @ 650/900

I'm still able to play cod 4 at high(est) settings (without AA, depth of field and soften smoke edges) at 1024X768, online with a fps of 25-45 (15-25 when playing maps like overgrown :P ) But I don't find it unplayable or such.... so my point is i'm not really used to anything above 25 or 30 fps :)

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  1. You're correct. The X38 is a better overclocker than P35. I would pick option 1 too. Team Xtreme is underrated. Overclockers recognize this brand.
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