EVGA 790i Ultra MB, post beep code

Trying to build a new computer. I've got an EVGA 790i Ultra MB, 4 gig of OCZ DDR3-1333 memory. Bought a WD Raptor 150 gig HD, two, BFG 8800GTX OC video cards, Thermaltake 700w power supply. For a processor I bought an Intel X3360, same as a Q9550. Bought two Samsung SATA DVD drives.

Tried to put it all together today, and found I could only get one of the video cards in my Antec P180 case.

Hooked everything up and turned it on with the install discs at hand.

Everything seemed to power up. Got the 3 power lights on the MB and all the fans turn on. I get one long beep from the post and nothing else. No signal to the monitor and nothing else except the long beep that keeps repeating at about 10 second intervals.

I tried swapping the memory chips around and tried running with just one of them. Once I was able to get it to start without the beep, but still no video signal. Swapped my old 7900GTX into the MB. I know that one works. Still no video. Nothing on the screen, no bios screen at all, just no signal at all from either card.

Any ideas on what's wrong? There's a small digital readout on the MB that's supposed to give error codes. It goes through a bunch of numbers and letter displays and then stops at 80 and stays there. I have no idea what that means and there's nothing in the manual about that code.

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  1. wish this woulda been answered.... i have the EXACT same issue
  2. Google 'ing my issue this thread popped up. I have the exact same problem that this person was having. Except my post code or whatever was F6 which isnt even in the manual as a code. This is my first build and am a noob when it comes to computers. Any and all advice would be great.

    I have 2 2G ram sticks which i tried to flip flop to see if it was faulty RAM but same issue.

    EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW motherboard.
    Intel 2 Quad Core
    EVGA Geforce 9500 GT graphics card
    Seagate 750 watt PSU

    Not at home so not sure of exact specs. If anything else is needed to help me out let me know. As said, all my LED lights on motherboard turn on and all fans work. I get no video while getting one long beep every 10 seconds or so.
    The Post Debug LED shows a constant F6 and that code doesnt show in the manual.
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