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I am in the searching phase of building a Amd based machine. Basically all I need is a case, psu, motherboard and cpu. Everything else I will be using from my old machine. I want to build this mainly for games but it doesnt need to be extreme, just a moderate gamer. I want to keep this in the $400 +/-. Here is what I got so far.

Case- ($109)

Psu- (79.99)

Mobo- Unsure as to what would be the best....

Cpu- ($159)

As for the other important items I will be using:

Ati X1900 XTX 512mb video card
2GB PC6400 memory

Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appriecated!
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  1. I have the Biostar T570SLI mobo and it's been working pretty good for me . Also there's alot of people happy with the 5000+ BE . this would save you a little $$. Another thing to think about is games rely more on your gpu more than your cpu. Upgrading your gpu might do more for your system then a cpu and mobo. The geforce 8800gt is a great card and it make my game look great. Just a thought. Anyways what are your current specs now
  2. Thanks for the response! I will be upgrading my video card down the road but due to $ restraints (Aka wife) :o I wanted to try and get a rig that I can upgrade with over time.

    Right now I have a XPS 400 pretty much stock. But due to it having so many problems that it would basically be cheaper for me to build a new one than fix/live with the dell. Basically only thing that will be used from the dell at this time is the HD, video card, and dvd drive. I could just reuse the xps tower to save on $ but it gets extremely hot for what it has in it now. So I wanted to upgrade the tower to one that will cool much better.
  3. good choice on case and PSU. One more thing are you running xp or vista. And I know all about the wife and restraints. mine threatened my manhood if I would have gotten outta line when I was building me new pc
  4. I'd suggest a 5000+ BE as well. It runs cooler, overclocks better, and uses less power (65 wt instead of 125wt). Use the money saved on the CPU for an upgraded mobo. I've personally found mobos from ASUS and DFI to be the best, with Gigabyte behind them. Just look among them for what fits your budget and needs best.

    Your video card is fairly good, and I know becasue I have one in a different machine, but could be upgraded at some point to either a 8800 GT or 3870. But that is a future thing for your budget.
  5. I am running vista.

    For a mobo I was thinking about (ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard) for $134.99
  6. mobo looks nice, and since you're runing vista maybe upgrade your ram to 3 or 4gigs...ram is cheap right now
  7. That mobo is fairly good. If you do get more ram, keep it in mutiples of 2. Odd amounts seem to unbalance everything and make it run slower. At least that has been my experience.
  8. Sorry for being a pain in the rear, but if you had a budget of $100ish for a mobo which would be your preference? With this machine I doubt I will ever use sli video card so I was thinking that this maybe better than the one I posted earlier . I am just stuck on getting the "right" motherboard...
  9. If you're sure that you will never go SLI, than the cheaper board should do the job. Check out the particular features though, because sometimes the SLI boards will include something that makes them worthwhile, but sometimes not. Of course, with ATI coming out with the 3870 X2, SLI is becoming less relevant, as you can get the power of two cards while using only one slot.
  10. If youre serious about buying the 6400+BE or the 5000+BE ... then you will want to invest in a CPU cooler as neither come with one and the cheapie aluminum ones will not do. You may be able to find someone on ebay who is selling a stock opty or 6000+ cooler (the one with the 4 copper heatpipes). Or you could buy a retail 6000+ because it comes with that cooler, and easily OC it to 3.2 ghz (simply increase the ref. clock speed to 214)
  11. the board is good. as for a cpu cooler i recommend this
    it works great and it's cheap with is why I bought it. No need to get any thermal paste cause is comes preapplied and its good sh!t
  12. Thanks a bunch for all your help!

    I had another quick question which is probably a n00b question.

    I decided on this motherboard (ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard)

    Anyways my Question(s)....

    (1) I want to use my exsisting HD without having to format it, It has vista 32bit on it. Can I upgrade bios/drivers etc on the board without formating the HD first?? From what I have read you have to install drivers etc onto the HD the load the OS. Not sure (yes it is a noob question)

    My other question is I have changed up my configuration of my set up so wanted to see what everyone thought before I get the rest of it.

    Amd 5000+ BE (ordered)
    Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe (recieved)
    Thermalright Ultra-120 (with Scythe S-Flex 120mm fan) (recieved)
    Antec 900 (ordered)
    600-700 PSU --Probably-- (OCZ GameXStream OCZ700GXSSLI ATX12V 700W Power Supply)
    Exsisting hardware

    X1900 XTX (upgrade in near future)

    Thanks again for all your help!
  13. OK, there's something I don't "get" about the case -- can you explain what the "tray" is supposed to be for? (center of:
  14. I was thinking maybe a mini trash can, or a place for loose coins?
  15. boredguy8 said:
    OK, there's something I don't "get" about the case -- can you explain what the "tray" is supposed to be for? (center of:

    As the owner of an Antec 900 case, I can put it this way.

    The tray is too small to hold a CD, but just right to hold pens, pencils, nail file, or a cup of coffee. Of course, it can collect an incredible amount of dust and is shaped just right to be difficult to clean easily. No other case that I have has such a tray, though the HP computer that my son used to have had a similar try. The HP's tray, however, was large enough to hold a CD, so he found it sometimes useful.

    As tnaz71 put it, the try makes a great mini trash can, and unfortunately, that what it ends up collecting.
  16. yep... the manual says it's for electronic devices, etc... (like something you'd plug into the firewire/usb ports... it comes w/ a rubber slip pad as well. The 900's a pretty sweet case, overall, though!
  17. it's called ipods, cameras, all those little alien devices that use usb ports? It has excellent functionality, i don't know what you guys are doing drinking coffee and eating happy cake muffins with it? :)
  18. nice build so far...
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