LGA 775 Socket cooling option?

Uggh, I have a problem.
I want to cool this processor (Not sure yet dual/quad core) but I only have 3 to 3.1 inches /80mm vertical space to work with. I also would prefer it to blow out to the side rather than up vertically. (The mobo is laying flat in the Microatx case.

Can someone help Me find something?
Please ..Sniff
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  1. Your description of what you are looking for is vague, but if you need a powerful low profile cooler perfect for micro builds this works great.

  2. Thanks, Thats a darn good option only 62.5(H) mm tall.
    But I am also hoping to have it blow out to the side. Fans right by processor in the case.
  3. oshan said:
    Thanks, Thats a darn good option only 62.5(H) mm tall.
    But I am also hoping to have it blow out to the side. Fans right by processor in the case.

    Going to be close to impossible to find a heatpop tower like cooler for that small of a case.


    Those are about as good as it's gonna get with the height limit
  4. Thanks for all the options guys.
  5. What cpu socket does it need to fit? For a side exhaust, the fan will probably need to be less than 80mm.
    Here is a unit that might work for lga775: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835114036

    There are also some for amd sockets. Look in newegg using smallish fan sizes as a filter.

    Measure your room very carefully. If it will fit the scythe ninja mini is a good cooler: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835185046 It needs 115mm from the surface of the cpu chip.
  6. I hered these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6835114036
    are really loud?
  7. We really need to know what socket the cooler needs to fit. Coolers are not universal fit parts.
    The cooler referenced would probably be loud, it has a 6100 rpm fan. Anything small will have a small fan, and that means high rpm's and noise.

    They are pricey, but a Zalman reserator would be very quiet, and fit: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118015

    There are other models.
  8. >LGA 775 socket
  9. oshan said:
    Yes, smaller fans (60mm) will produce more noise. However, you can replace the fan with one that's more quiet and even add PWM fan control so it doesn't run full speed all the time. The above 60mm fan can be replaced with this 60mm PWM fan to reduce noise.
  10. frozencpu.com has a very good selection of low profile CPU HSF's:


    Your best bet is something like this:


    It's PWM controlled, s775 Quad Core ready, all copper, and only 28.0 mm tall.
  11. If you have not picked a cpu, look at the E8400 first.
    45nm processors run cooler. A dual processor will also run cooler than a quad. If this is for gaming, a E8400 is probably faster than a Q6600 anyway. Don't overclock it. That adds heat, and is probably not necessary. The stock cooler for a E8400 is a bit puny, but will probably be ok. If you can find a stock cooler from a Q6600 or E6850, they are better.

    Plan "B" is to create a duct that will channel some of the hot cpu air towards the exit vent.

    If this is for gaming, pick a vga card that has a rear exhaust so that the hot air is ejected from the case instead of recirculating and heating up both the cpu and vga cooling air.

    What case are you looking at?
  12. If I get this:
    http://www.frozencpu.com/images/products/main/cpu-dyn-01.jpg" class="img lazy">
    How is the PWM controlled? Motherboard or a seperate unit?
  13. 4-pin PWM fans are controlled by motherboard BIOS. When the CPU heats up, the fan spins faster to compensate. Some motherboard brands can control 3-pin fans too, but PWM is better IMO.
  14. Most motherboards have a 4 pin pwm cpu connector for the cpu fan. The fan speed is controlled by settings in the motherboard bios.

    The case link you provided says that there is 100 mm clearance from the surface of the cpu to the psu. That is 4" which may give you more options.

    My suggestion is to try the stock cooler first. If you have a cpu heat problem, then look for a more efficient oem cooler.

    And.. I like the case.
  15. Hmmm they could of made putting a cpu cooler in that thing better if they'd put the opening over the expansion slots.... Then the PSU could draw heat off a single slot or low profile card.

    So if you indeed have 100mm of space, here is a heatpipe tower that will fit in it, and since its a Zerotherm its aimable whichever direction you want.


    Here is an Evercool solution, you'd have to wait for it to be in stock though, I've had no complaints with that brand, in fact my Athlon XP cooler was an old all copper Evercool with a 70mm fan.


    There are a lot of Dynatron coolers that could fit the bill, for the ones that are made for 2u rackmounts, but those use small fans are gonna be Vacuum cleaner loud.
  16. Thanks Guys!
    Well now I have another question.

    Not sure if I should go with Dual or Quad core processors. I am not known to run alot of programs at once but I do Video editing and Play games (Never at the same time). Most I will do is be browsing while gaming/encoding.
    Would you recommend a dual at 3.0 ghz or quad at 2.4 ghz.


  17. Manipultae these charts q6600 vs. e8400, either will be a good choice. The new 45nm quads will be available soon, so the Q6600 will be old news soon enough. I own both the q6600 and the E8400. The E8400 is the better choice IMO. Consider a 45nm quad otherwise. Forget the e6850, the e8400 beats it in almost everything.

  18. Thanks,
    My question is actually what is better for the type of applications and computing habits I have.
  19. e8400, your running a lan box the air flow isn't going to be great and the q6600's run a fair bit warmer. Using that cooler and an E8400 would be a good choice and you could probably overclock it too. The E8400 also out performs a Q6600 at stock gaming wise - which is what your mainly after.
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