8800GTS 512 under Vista 64 --- BSOD!!

I have a home-built computer with an e8400 on a gigabyte P35 board with 4gb of ram and a BFG 8800GTS OC/512 card. I purchased/installed Vista/64 (dual booting with XP/32) and I have tried the latest beta (169.28) and WHQL-cert (169.25) drivers from Nvidia, with the same result. When I go to the monitor tab on the main Nvidia dialog box, the system immediately goes to the blue screen of death, does a mem dump and shuts my computer down. :pfff:

I had heard of someone else experiencing problems with a similar setup (I think it was on here), but I could not find the thread again. I have heard of people having success with the 8800GT under Vista/64, but the GTS/512 support was so recently added, that I wondered if anyone else was having issues with it. There are also some random stability issues with old-school BF1942 using it as well.

FWIW, I am having zero issues under my XP/32 install with the latest WHQL-cert Nvidia drivers.

Please reply with any experiences, same or different, with similar hardware under Vista/64 and please share any solutions that you might know of.

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  1. Hey

    So all works fine until you open the Nvidia Monitor tab?

    Are you dual booting using a single hard drive?
  2. Yes. One 320gb with 2 partitions, 125gb to XP/32 and 180gb to Vista/64; both NTFS. The Nvidia interface will sometimes randomly crash without me opening the Monitor tab, but the Monitor tab makes the BSOD a sure bet! I have never actually seen the contents of that tab under Vista/64!
  3. I have the 8800GTS 512 and I've been running Vista x64 for a few months now and haven't had any problems (that I didn't cause myself :lol:)

    Sorry to hear that, let me know if theres any information from my system that may help you.
  4. I had an issue with X64... I had to set my motherboard to manual overclock mode instead of Auto and never had a problem.

    Although it werent with that particular card.

    Vista 64 is dodgy, it doesnt like alot of thing.. sadly.

    I want Vista 64 again because I want 4GB Ram but too many issues plague it.
  5. I have Vista64 with 2 gigs of ram and GTS 512, all my mates are running vista64 too, none of us have any problems at all.

    Im going to try going in to the Nvidia monitoring tab tonight when i get home to see if mine crashes...
  6. I will stick the 2 - 1gb sticks in, in-place of the 2 - 2gb sticks and see if it makes any difference...I am betting it doesn't.

    I am also using an e8400, and that may be the cause of the instability with the nvidia drivers. I have now heard numerous people matching Vista64, an e8400 and a GTS512 and getting the exact same results (all on supposedly-stable p35 boards). I can toss my cheese-ball celery 430 in too if that helps to resolve the issue. I wonder if the new SSE4 instructions + Vista64 + GTS512 = BSOD.
  7. I have the evga version of your card and vista 64, running with no problems on the certified release. Are you certain that you have the 64 bit vista versions of the drivers? Ntune also?
  8. I have tested the beta and certified drivers. The BSOD did not discriminate. It only crashes when I check the temperature, so maybe there is an Ntune issue that needs resolving. I will look into it. Thanks for the input!
  9. No problems here. 4GB of RAM 8800GTS 512. Vista 64.
  10. After uninstalling nTune, all is working (as it did before), and there is no option to check the graphics temp or set the fan/clock speed, hence nothing to crash. It's a weak solution but no probs now. :P
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