Opinions, suggestions, and comments needed.

Hello, I am looking into building a new computer component by component. My first step is to pick out a case, but this seems to be the absolute hardest decision I must make and I am getting no where fast. So here are my requirements:

-$250 or under
-Must either support ATX and E-ATX, or have about an inch of extra space around the motherboard area, mostly below it
-Must cool well
-Must be able to fit a monster CPU cooler (Xigmatek HDT-S1283, its taller than the Tuniq Tower 120)

I have been looking at these cases, feel free to give your opinion on them and suggest others.

Silverstone KL03:
I like the E-ATX capability, also I like the decent cooling, something that was missing in the TJ series. Also I think the case looks very nice, and the door looks as if there is a lot of space behind it. I do not like the top mounted PSU, the 3 intake fans and only 1 exhaust fans, though a Scythe Ultra Kaze @ 133 CFM on the back should even that out.

Lian-Li PC-10:
I love the cooling, and love the dual PSU design. Its big and should fit anything easily. It looks slightly ugly and plain, but I can not tell from the pictures. The Antec 900 looked hideous in pictures but great in person, so I do not know what to think. A real picture from an owner of this case, silver or black, would be great.

Lian-Li V1000:
Huge, so space should not be a problem. Looks very sleek, yet slightly menacing (its a good thing). The inverted motherboard crap does not bother me. I'm not completely sure about the cooling, though if it is designed well it should be fine. Not sure if my CPU cooler will fit, because of design.

Hiper Anubis:
Looks AMAZING, might be one of the best looking cases I've seen. Cooling is a plain and simple design, but the passive air flow plus 3 120mm fans makes it's cooling decent. seems roomy enough. Keep hearing that drives stick out pretty far, but you can still close the door, but some other people do not even mention any problems with drives, this make me really wonder.

Thats about what I am down to but there are other cases I have been looking at that are atleast slight possibilities. Here is the list:
1) Thermaltake Kandalf 2) Antec P-182SE 3) Lian-LI A71B 4) Lian-Li PC-P60
5) Thermaltake Armor+ 6) NZXT Lexa Blackline 7) Thermaltake Cosmos 1100

Any suggestions, comments, or questions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  1. I myself have the CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000... can see it in the pics. I got it because it supports Micro ATX, ATX, and Extanded ATX. My thinking was that if I buy this one now I should be able to use it for a great amount of time. Since it can handle all three... also figured if they ever did add another board configuration would likely have the holes to mount it. It also cools like a dream and has many features to keep cables and wires all nice and neat... as you can sort of see on the pic.
  2. I am well aware of the Cosmos S, it looks decent, is large, fits E-ATX, but I keep hearing cooling problems. Also it looks a little over done to me. Slap that $100 side window on from FrozenCPU.com and it looks nice, but $100... I hate cutting into acrylic. Thanks lilsage you made some good points I am now considering the Cosmos.
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