Is asus insane or nvidia? $469 striker II extreme - vote!

OMG, $469 for the 790i asus mobo! I got back from vaction and went to order my new mobos - looking for a 790i and I have been waiting for the striker II, I all most fell over!

The evga and xfx mobos look like a fair price now? incase you missed it:
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  1. I would say rip-off, but if they can charge it and get then they're not crazy.
  2. well i voted and its 3 votes for rip off and my 1 vote for fair since its supply and demand.

    i think i made my point - the price is excessive, mobos have gone from 250 for a feature rich 975 to 469 with a few bells and whistles.

    ya you get a sound card, its kinda of a sound card, ya there is lighted i/o shield and sure they temp probes and loads a extras but 469? i wait for $350!
  3. MY SACRED OATH !!! with taxes that's over $500.00,for a non server type mobo,,gotta love that "leeeeding bleeeding edge".har,har..:)
  4. Asus high end mobos have some cool features but the the cost of this mobo vs the x38 based maximus is total rip off.

    the asus maximus can be run with 2 x2's for quad crossfire - i just shipped one:

    quad crossfire vs sli:

  5. In South Africa the Asus Maximus was actually quite well priced against its competitors when I bought it plus the Asus Maximus to Rampage mod adds a bit of extra value IMO.
  6. maximus rocks the ddr3 version can be had for $300 open box at the egg to $350 for closed box.

    seeing as the intel chipset is better for stability and does not eat ram like nvidia based super cooker chipsets, the extra $100 seems like a rip off. the 790i should be less then x38, i think nvidia will pay for their pricing strategy and lack of sli support to intel

    i still have not decided on weather to go with the xfx, evga or striker ii ext versions of 790i.

    appreciate your votes! the must have is tempting
  7. Asus must be smoking some badass weed...
  8. lol

    doom thats funny i got back from jamaica with my wife and kids - lol - i fired up with my 17 yr old tubbing down rapids in the mountains. its not advocate being a bad example but you must respect and learn local customs. we also drank beer all week - it was Mexico and jamica

  9. oh damn y wernt you my dad i was about 17 when i got cought! and i got booted out of the house to moved to my mother's T.T

    !!!DIDNT STOP ME THO!!!!
  10. About a year ago when I was building my current system I thought the original Striker was overpriced at $300+. I'm sure the other companies are loving it though because Asus is setting the bar so high that all they have to do is undercut them a little and they look like a bargain while still selling $400+ boards.
  11. i am still not sure which mobo to use - for ddr3 - 3 way sli.

    i guess it comes down to if you need temp probes, water block for $100 on the surface. then again evga has so many issues with the 680i i really do not have much faith in them - then again the original striker was buggy too!

    thats sad

    jormm said:
    oh damn y wernt you my dad i was about 17 when i got cought! and i got booted out of the house to moved to my mother's T.T

    !!!DIDNT STOP ME THO!!!!

    sounds more like your a pawn in your parents chess game divorce
    - many people with experince like that go on to be very successful - or they usually self destruct. its your choice, do well and prove him wrong!
  12. i decide to skip 790i - i am using stiker II formula, 780i - it was only $300 open box!

    this is for a triple so i need the sound card - other wise i would have use the xfx 790i which is $320
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