Ati Radeon x1950 Pro or a 7800GS AGP

Sadly I am under the AGP 8X barrier so I want a new Graphics card and these two are the best two I could find for myself but I don't really know which one is better.So which one is better?Or is there another graphics card that's better than the two but still is AGP 8x.

Oh and please no "get a PCI-E motherboard" comments.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  1. X1950 pro is way better but hard to find and expensive if you find one. The HD3850 is now out in AGP and is the top dog by far. Cost is a bit over $200 bucks though. The HD2600XT is almost as good as the X1950 pro without fsaa, but behind with fsaa. But it is a much better deal at $100 (newegg). The 7600GT or 7800GS are too expensive in comparison, and would need to be way cheaper than the HD2600XT to make them a good deal. $75-80 tops IMO.

    Also, we need your system specs. You don't want to pop an HD3850 into an old Athlon XP system.
  2. I just found out the news about the HD3850 but the thing is I live in Romania so new stuff (like the HD3850 AGP) get here way slower.About the system specs I have a 2.8 ghz P4 and 2GB of RAM.And right now I have an onboard POS cause my other graphics card (Nvidia 6800 GT) got KIA :).
  3. Hmm, if that is a P4C or E ( both 800 MHz bus) then I could see a X1950 pro or HD2600XT. If it's 400MHz or 533MHz bus P4 2.8, it's slower yet and you may not want to go higher than a 7600GT/7800GS/X1650XT/HD2600 pro level card. Of course, look at your prices, and don't spend the same for a lesser card. But I assume possibly you can find one of these cheaper than the X1950pro and 2600XT mentioned above. These are basically like a 6800U, so not a big step up from your 6800GT.
  4. But If I got a x1950 with an 533 or 400 mhz P4 would that downgrade my performance?
  5. You could be CPU limited which would mean that you are paying for more preformance than you can ever use.
  6. Oh ok thanks for all the help guys.
  7. Yeah, that was my point. The P4 2.8C is getting slow for many games even. A 400 bus 2.8Ghz would be closer to a P4 2.4C or AXP 2800+, which will limit the games you can play and the performance you get out of the card you put in.
  8. x1950 pro any day.
  9. I have an AMD 2600, 2.09ghz, an A7n8X deluxe mobo, 350W Psu. Someone gave me his old x1950 Pro card.

    Would it even be worth putting it in my system with that CPU? Will the 350W psu support it?
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