8800 GTS 320MB V 9600 GT 512MB

I can upgrade for about £30-£40, would it be worth it?

Bearing in mind a new 20" WS (Samsung pebble) 1650x1050 is in my future.

Would the the new GT be significantly faster at 1024x768?

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  1. Firingsquad has the 320MB 8800GTS mixed in with four 9600GT at various clock speeds. They don't do 16x10 res, but you can look at 16x12 results anyway. http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/nvidia_geforce_9600_gt_performance/default.asp
  2. Looking it over again, at 16x12 Crysis is the one huge victory for the 9600GT. otherwise, based on this review, the difference from 8800GTS 320 to reference clocked 9600GT is not huge.
  3. CNET recommends buying a 320 over the 9600.

    Their benches put the 320 ahead.
  4. darn, my GTS is already obsolete.
  5. Hmmm, thanks for that review, it pretty much makes up my mind. That there's no point upgrading to a 9600GT other than "cashing in" on my 320MB.

    It looks like to "upgrade" for performance i'd need to go 8800GT or G92 GTS.
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