How is this liquid cooling set.

I am a noob with liquid cooling. I don't want to match up all sorts of different parts i just want to get an all inclusive package.
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  1. DONT get those....

    they are a waste....either do real liquid cooling or do air.
    They use bad quality parts and do not perform like a real system

    The aluminum corrodes and can lead to future problems
  2. OK thanks.
  3. If u want a nice simple package, get the Swiftech H20-220. Its a nice simple package, but again, a system with each part selected will be more future proof (better pump) and perform better
  4. How is to install and do maintenance to something like this.? Also thanks for the help.
  5. Also that is for a Pentium 4. Will it support a dual core.
  6. I personally cant give u an idea on that.....i havent done it b4 (considered it and read up on it)

    If u got to the xtreme system forums, they have a very good water cooling section with lots of good stickies for assembling, maintaining, etc.
    Its a good place to go to for advice
  7. Veng, you need to move to some real OC'ing sites that are full of experianced WC users and such. Time to do some reading.

    Spend a few days learning whats good and bad, reading stickies and many threads.

    WC is easy only if you do it right. Otherwise it can be a nightmare.

    Expect to spend close to $250+ or so for a solid CPU loop. Otherwise go high end air cooling.
  8. He is in good hands here.

    Vengeful, the kit that Silverion77 mentioned would be an excellent starting kit for a newbie. It is offerred in 3 flavors, the Compact (for strictly just CPUs), Apex-Ultra (while it is oferred as a solution for CPUs in its original packasge, it is very flexible and can handle additional waterblocks) and the Apex-Ultra+ (which is the all inclusive package for CPUs, GPUs and even the northbridge.

    Now, it really depends on how you want to start out here as to what you might should get. However, all of this is predicated on what your actual budget is as well. We are talking about a price range from $150 for the compact to the rather hefty $350 for the Apex-Ultra+. If you spend enough time in this forum you will find out that it is bestter to steer clear of kits such as the one you mentioned earlier (the Galaxy) because of the rather weak craftsmanship and parts.

    As far as installation, they come with instructions but it is easy enough to come here if you have any questions. Also, maintenance is something you can learn from here if the instructions are not clear enough. There are alot of good and knowledgeable people here with quite alot of experience at this sort of thing that would be perfectly glad to help you like Silverion77 has been doing.
  9. If you've built your own system, then you have the basic skills needed to install a water cooling system. The big thing is to read up on it and ask questions. I spent at least a month just reading messaging boards and asking question before I installed my first WC system (did the same before my first build as well).
  10. Definately stay away from those all in one kits...they are usually powered by very weak, integrated pump/rad/res. Even the MCP355 would be better served than one of the pumps from the Galaxy, Bigwater, etc. kits. Do a little research on forums before you buy your parts.
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