P5N32-E SLI PLUS Quad Core

Ok Need some Advice / Help

If the bios has been flashed does this mean all setting's have be wiped and put back to the original Version or just that the setting's are gone?

Because i bought a 2nd hand p5n32-e sli plus which has been flashed and i bought the Q6600 Quad Core and alot of other hardware for my first build but i've read that you need to update the Bios to the latest version to support this CPU(?)

So if this is true can i install all the hardware, turn it on then install winxp and all the drivers then download the bios update and update it? or do i have to update it before i do all that?

Any Tip's, Hint's and Warning's would be very helpful
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  1. No, I realize it's a catch 22, but you need a second processor that it DOES support. You start it up with the first processor, update the bios, then the second will work. Personally, I would just try it out, i have the same mobo and my q6700 worked. Now they have bios to support basically every intel chip.
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