SLI 8800gts oc 512 problems

Hope you guys can help here, I'm running a ASUS M2N SLI deluxe MB, 2gb corsair ram, AMD x 2 5600, with dual 8800gts OC 512's. I have a 22" monitor running COD4 at about 91fps, stays right around 91 most the time until something big and then drops to around 60 at the low. My question is that when I put the second card in, everything is the same as only running 1 card. I have a BFG 650w PS. I ordered a 850 to see if that could be the problem. Why is SLI not improving any gaming or FPS here. Any help is welcome. Thanks
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  1. Do you have SLI enabled in your bios?
  2. yes, I've tried to turn up different things in the Nvidia panal but nothing has changed performance.
  3. Make sure you set your mobo to run in 8x/8x mode (if need be). Depends on mobo & chipset if you need to do anything, set a jumper, etc.
    Make sure the SLI bridge is in place connecting the two cards.
    Make sure SLI is enabled in Nvidia control panel
    Make sure the COD4 game profile is not set to "single card" SLI mode.
    Crank your detail settings to max, enable 4xaa/16xaf, compare sli enabled to sli disabled at those settings.
    Try the latest beta drivers. I run the Win XP 32-bit 171.23 drivers from Guru3d.

    An X2 5600+ may limit SLI gains, but you should still be able to crank eye candy and see a difference. Is the CPU overclocked?

    If you still get zero performance increase, try the slizone forums.
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