ram got me confused, help

im a noob when it comes to oc, but managed to get my q6600 to 3 using the guide on this site , during my oc i noticed my ram was on 667 and was wondering if i can put it back to 800?, my fsb is on 333 if that helps and my timings for my ram x4 1gb ocz pc2-6400 not sure what edition but there a bronze or gold colour, on 5-5-5-15, do i need to tighten my timings or can i put my ram to 800? also will 4 times 1gb be any better or worse to get more performance than 2 times 1gb? if the timings need dropping pls point me in right direction, sorry if its a little confusing the way ive written it but i am confused, lol thatnks for the help if there is any out there
l8rs all
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  1. The only reason it's confusing to read is because you're not using the Queen's english. ;)

    I'm not sure what your board is but I believe setting the RAM to 5:4 in bios will get you a 400 effective 800 MHz DDR2 RAM frequency. Does your BIOS say 1:1 anywhere?

    EDIT: Oh yeah, usually one can achieve higher overclocks with just 2 sticks of RAM and not 4. Just be sure and choose the proper 2. :D
  2. Yep 2 is better than 4, leave the timings where they are, and bump up the ram speed. Make sure the voltage is right for you ram too.
  3. WTF i typed a comment before! ???? oh well -_-

    there's no need for the extra MHz from 667 to 800. your RAM will just be sitting around doing nothing for that extra time. just leave it at 667 and drop the timings. 4-4-4-12 1T should be easily achievable with that RAM.
  4. thanks for help everyone ive got asus p5k ai lifestyle and i think it is on 1-1 ratio ill lower timings when i get new pc built with a e6750 so at least ill have a pc to play my games on if anything goes wrong
  5. install (if you havent already :??:) cpu-z and go to the memory tab. it shows the cpu:dram ratio :)
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