New System, What do you guys think

Well, I had my new computer built for over a month now. After testing and adjusting I finally getting decent performance.


Q6600 2.4ghz GO Steeping ----> 3.42GHZ with 1.38125V in bios
8800GT ----> Flashed to 8800GT SSC -----> Overclocked to 760/1000/1826
2 x 2GB Gskill PC6400 800MHZ to 4:5 ratio -----> 950MHZ with 5 5 5 12 timings
2 x 500 GB WD Sata drivers
OCZ Stealth XStream 600W PS with 4 x 18 AMP +12 Rail
Liteon-20x DVD+-R copier
Westinghouse 37" LVM-37W3SE Moniter -- I love my TV /

3DMark 06 score -----> 14455

Well I just finished testing my pc with 3DMark06 and got a score of 14455. What you guy think about my pc ? I only paid about $900 bucks into building this pc. I can't push my cpu to 3.6ghz. My ram can't handle the over of cpu to 3.6. Any suggestions on pushing my pc to 3.6ghz ?. With 3.6ghz the ram will run at 1:1 ratio but does no want to overclock.
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  1. Did you push the Q6600 to 3.42 on the stock cooler???
  2. no I am using Arctic Pro Cooler 7 that I got off newegg for $25. and My temperatures are prefect. Ideal about 33 C and load max is at 58 C
  3. Are you kidding me? The quad is 9x. 9 x 400 = 3.6ghz. It can. Barely with that cooler. I think your voltages aren't high enough. Especially the FSB/NB.
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