Synology Disk Station DS-408 vs Drobo + Drobo Share

Dear all,

i am searching to buy a really good NAS device to be able to store data like pics, videos, music, large iso files and also stream to my Playstion 3 as a media server.

I am really interested in the Synology Disk Station DS-408 and the Drobo with Drobo Share

What are your thoughts on these models and which do you think is the most powerful and reliable.

Also on the Disk Station DS-408 can i use different sized HDDs and define 2 differnt arrays on the same Disk Station, for eg. i hve 1 x 1.5TB and 2 x 500GB. I would like to have the 1.5 set as a normal drive and mirror the 2 x 500GB.

Also on the Drobo, whilst it is connected to the Drobo share can i connect it to my PC using Fire Wire and to my PS3 using ethernet at the same time?

Thanks & Regards
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  1. Of course you can build two different volume in a single DS-408. I like it because of Download station and the Management UI. You can try it.

    The Drobo is cool in the special raid technology (They said it is not a raid ?) And i did not try to play it with PC and PS3 at the same time. Because i don't have PS3 : )
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