How to heal the debug hidden files

Hello, i am unable to view the hidden folders even if i am trying the same way as mentioned selct show hidden filws option in folder option. these idden files are not in pc but the are in removable disc it contains imp data so how do i regain it...........?
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  1. Are you trying to repair XP files, or the XP system?
    Are you logged on as administrator of the computer?
    Please give more details about what you are trying to view.
  2. no i am not trying to repair the xp files and i am logged on as administrator
  3. Well, you have not given a lot of information...but I gather that the reason you can't see the files on the disk is that your current configuration does not have the program that created the files. If you had that program in your computer, you could probably read the disk.
    If you give some examples of the file names, the forum might be able to tell you how to read the information.

    put the disk in the drive, left click my computer, right click on the disk drive icon you are trying to read, left click explore.
    a window should open with the file names. tell us what the names are, and we could maybe suggest what program needs to be installed to read the files.
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