I cant install service pack 2

I can,t install the service pack, the progress bar just stopped moving at one point. I waited for almost 3 hours and it didn't budge at all.

can someone help me?
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  1. where are you trying to install it from, a disk?, or the microsoft internet update site?

    turn off the anti virus and fire wall, install the service pack, turn the anti virus and fire wall back on.

    the security in your computer might be blocking the installation. If you have more than one security program, it might make matters difficult.

    Also back up all your personal files before installing it, in case of the rare instance where something goes wrong.
  2. no, i downloaded the installation file (.exe) from microsoft's site. Also, i've tried deactivating antivirus and firewalls too, and it does not work
  3. some computers won't run the updates.
    If you have installed a high quality security program, you really don't need updates.
    Turn the automatic updates off. Install Microsoft tweak UI XP, to turn off the message balloons.
    The balloons keep flashing messages that say: automatic updates are turned off!
    Keep a backup of your personal files.
    If the machine won't run the updates, just turn them off, and stop worrying about it.
    Many machines including this one have the updates turned off, with no problems.
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