Recently windows XP SP2 has stopped generating thumbnails for my video files. I havn't changed any settings that Im aware of and have done some extensive research online to try and solve this issue. Here is what I've attempted so far:

Deleting the Iconcache.db file
Re-installing the video drivers
Re-installing Windows media player (11)
TweakUI's repair too
TweakUI in safemode
Deleting Iconcache.db in safe mode.

Its very frustrating but I cannot seem to find a fix that actually works!

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. look in the folder of video files or put the files in a folder
    open the folder and click view, at the top left of the window
    click icons
  2. Done that. No luck
  3. It's either do a system restore, or do a repair install of XP, backup all your personal files. See Tom's hardware XP forum, fifth post from the top for directions.
    I am not sure why you deleted Iconcache.db file, but you may have damaged the operating system.
    If repair install or restore does not work, reformat and re install XP, but backup all your personal files first, to CD, DVD, or an online back up service such as Mozy.

    click start
    click all programs
    click accessories
    click system tools
    click system restore
    check the box that says restore my computer to an earlier time, click next
    select a bold date on the calendar, a date before the problem started, click next
    follow through with the restore directions
    restart the computer after it finishes
    if the system restore does not work, select an even earlier bold date on the calendar and repeat the procedure
    try this with at least four earlier dates before giving up and trying something else
  4. Iconcache.db will automaticly re-create itself upon reboot. The theory behind it is if you delete it, it forces windows to make another thus redoing your icon stash.

    Before I try messing too much with windows heres what else Ive done in the mean time.

    Ive tried re-registering SHMEDIA.DLL
    And also re-registering shimgvw.dll
  5. Back up all your personal files first.
    Then do a repair install of XP, with the XP disk. This normally does not erase your personal files, but it will restore the system to a working condition. Do not reformat or delete the partitions.
    See Tom's XP forum, fifth post from the top, for the directions.
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