e8400, playing with FSB and multi, no volt = higher core temps?

hi guys,

I'm going to get an e8400.

Considering all the problems regarding the core temp sensors and what not, I'm not sure if I want to OC using voltage increments.

Considering that, I'm also getting some Corsair Dominator 2x2gb 1066 ram.

So, I would like to run it a 1:1, making 4.8ghz. (which seems highly unlikely).

Let's say I just play with FSB and multiplier (I heard some people getting 7 x 450, other 8 x 475, etc)
whatever the case, just using that, no voltage increase what so ever.

So my question is: with just fsb and multiplier, will there me an increase in temperature? (since I can't rely on the sensors)

I'm guessing that at higher clock speeds = more heat. But That's why I'm asking.

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  1. well, the sensors can't be that far off... just keep within 5C of the max and u will be k! :)
  2. Just use RealTemp and test for stuck sensors. yes, there is some temp increase just moving to 400 FSB, although minor.
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