Which Geforce 8800 GT is better ?

I was looking up for a graphic card for me ...
and i found two interesting models !!

1 - XFX GeForce 8800 GT 256 MB / 256 bits

2 - MSI GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB / 256 bits

So .. i want to know .. if the performance of both is too different.
Which one u guys recommend ?
Less money i spend is better, thats why i want to know, because like if XFX performance will not be so different than MSI model, i will buy XFX model !

Help me plz !
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  1. Bar none...the MSI. It has more memory, which is good for higher resolutions. The MSI also has a far superior cooler. The new XFX coolers are considerably smaller than on the original 8800 GT's. If there were heat problems in the past...I can't see how it's gonna help.

    My vote...go the MSI
  2. MSI
    Any 512mb over 256mb as a matter of fact
    FYI: The MSI is a dual-slot card and the XFX is a single-slot card
  3. Thank u guys !

    I have another question
    Do the PCI-E 2.0 cards works in the PCI-E x16 cards ? or i will loose some performance ?
    another question ... i have the motherboard ASUS P5NSLI ... and i was using a GeForce 7900 GS ... i want to know if my motherboard will suport this graphic card ...

  4. Yes to both of your questions, they are backwards compatable, there is no performance diffrence between 2.0 and 16x.
  5. thank you

    anyone else to option between this 2 cards ?
  6. pick the 512 as its faster than the 256.
  7. I have always been an XFX fan, but the cooler on that MSI make it definately the best 8800 GT on the market, not to mention its great price.
  8. the 512MB MSI card, it's no contest
  9. From what i have seen in benchmarks the 8800GT 256mb take a major FPS hit over the 512 version. Look at these benchmarks where the 8800GT 512 is the top runner and the 256 version is at the main bottom. The 256 version even gets beat by the 3850 on almost ever test.

    I would suggest you look hard at the 9600GT as its only $179.99.
  10. But the 9600 gt is a lower performer then the 8800gt. Why give himself a mid stream card, when hes wanting to buy upper-end ?
  11. I would recommend the eVGA Akimbo 8800GT. It's a GT with a dual-slot cooler.
  12. I have the MSI card and I have only one word. WOW! Runs everything I throw at it with ease, Counter-Strike, F.E.A.R., UT3, and Crysis on high, at 1680x1050. Fine tuning the OC now, but got it up to 705 pretty easy. Hoping they drop into the sub $200 region in March so I can get a second one and go SLi.
  13. Plus your heating bill will be cheaper in the winter, lol
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