Pics and stuff of a spare parts build, as it comes along.

So I just got done Building a nice system and already started upgrading it. But now i have all these extra parts and keep running into some pretty good deals on closeouts and used stuff, so I decided to make a neat little spare parts box for my desk at work...

The old system is here-

OK this one is gonna be called MissionHQ (since it will be my main computer at work)

First I found a Cheap (very cheap) Case with psu from CompUSA, they are going out of biz and most every thing is 30% to 50% off as of 02-14-08. This was an open box disount in top of the huge discount.

I forgot to take pics of the case in it's original form, but here are the pics from the box that it came in. The pics on the box is exactly what it looked like before I did anything.

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  1. here is a quick paint job to make the case body blue. The paint looks uneven in the pics but that is the flash causing the blotches.

    If you look at the bottom of the case, you can see that the little rubber feet were replaced with some small "legs" from the local hardware store.

    The legs and the pci slot covers have been painted with a purple metal spray.

    Once the paint was dry I installed the original PSU from GroundZed. This PSU was very good, but it was not SLI certified, so I replaced it with a Cooler Master 850. This is an Nspire 750.

    The body of the DVD burner was painted flat black. This optical drive was from my wife's old computer that went bad recently.

    The 120mm rear fan was put in and I am waiting on the Mobo.

  2. The Side cases are black from the factory so I left them like that.

    BUT, I wanted to make sure the CPU fan got fresh air, so I got a 92mm fan and a $3 PVC part fromt eh hardware store and made a conduit from the side panel to the CPU.

    The fan is painted purple as well as the inside and outside of the PVC. I attached it with some generic screws and some cut angle metal.

    You can see the slots cut into the base of the PVC in order to cover the fan completely.

    could not decide what to do with the perf'd section of the panel, so I just covered it up with a piece of clear plastic. This will keep the air moving front to back and not getting out the side. The tape is there until I glue the plastic in place.

    This side of the fan is pueple. The screws will be painted purple when it is nearly finished. and the LEDs are drilled into the PVC

  3. Update:

    You can see the front 120mm fan slot now has a clear fan installed in it. The fan has green LEDs. The 120mm and 92mm fans should move enuf air to keep a couple HDDs cool.

    Well this was the hardest decision to make so far....To cut or not to cut??

    I took a jigsaw and ripped into the side panel. The new window was then filled with some sturdy glass from a cheap picture frame. You can see the glass is supporting the OCZ sticks. (it's hard to take a picture of clear glass)

    Well I took out the old Nspire 750w PSU and put in a new Cooler Master 850w SLI Certified unit. (so much for only using leftover parts....) I wanted to make sure that every part of this system was mod'd, so I painted the chrome fan grille with some of the purple paint.

    Cable management is going to be tuf with this case/PSU combo.....not much room for everything
  4. Your case mod is catchy, but not the title. Change it to "pimp my rig". :) Nice job!!!
  5. @OP: That PSU is CR@P. You should probably spend about $50 on a new PSU and you'll be happy. See:
    for PSU tire listing and select a good quality PSU listed there.

    Never Skimp on the PSU

    Nice mod btw.
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