how do i obtain an ftp address

ok im looking into building an ftp server soon and ive been doing research all week but how do i obtain an ftp address that i can log into via any internet browser or ftp client?
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  1. Depends on wether you want to use a URL or not. Lets assume your IP address is:

    You would setup portforwarding on your router to push all FTP traffic on port 21 to the internal IP of your FTP server (most likely 192.168.1.*).

    Open up any web browser, type in: Assuming its been done correctly and you have no sucrity enabled, you should see the directory contents of your server :)

    If you want to use a URL, first you need to register a domain name. Then you need to change the DNS address of the domain to your IP.

    ie: you register and set the IP address to This way, anyone in the world who browses so will see the files in your FTP server directory.

    Edit* LOL turns out those are actual sites and the person has a protected FTP server.
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