i have a big problem with a E6750

well...here are my computer specs first of all: C2d E6750 /Ga-n650SLI-DS4L/2 gb kingmax ddr 800/thermaltake 600 W PSU/...this is what i did....i went to bios and i changed the fsb to 451 x 8 in sync with the memory/memory is at 901 mhz in 1:1 ratio with the fsb...i loosend the timings to 5 7 7 24 cuz the normal ones are 5 5 5 18 on my ram...i took the Vcore to 1.5 and ddr2 +0.3 to make the 2.1 and i upped the fsb voltage +0.1....then i saved to cmos and it enterd windows without a problem...ran orthos 2 hours no errors...i can play games and do everything..if i restart the comp no problem...BUT...if i shut it down and the turn it back on i just stops working and i have to reset the cmos...normal start:video card fan speed goes to 100% for 3-4 seconds the it comes back to normal and the system starts to run...if i oc,turn off the pc and the turn it back on...the video card starts as normal but it stay's like that and the system just halt's ultil i turn it off and reset the Cmos...does anybody know what's the problem? Thank You!
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  1. when i say that the video card stay's like that i meant it stays in 100% and it doesen't drop to normal so the system can start..it's like it's jammed or something :P
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    The bios is refusing the overclock.
    You will have to find more stable settings.
    Run Prime95 for 6-24 hours to check for stability.
  3. well if it is resetting itself shouldn't it go back to normal settings?
  4. Sorry, I edited the post.
    The bios is refusing the overclock.
  5. this is kinda wierd cuz after i reset the bios and OC the CPU to 3.6 again it works fine..i can go in windows play games do everithing even orthos i ran it for 2 hours and no problem...still when i shut it down it's like something's changing...if I restart it, no problem :| the system is stable!
  6. What are your temperatures like?
  7. Vcore seems high at 1.5v.
    Try lowering it if you can.
  8. temps 40 C idle-61 C full load ORTHOS
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