Windows XP Will Not Open

My computer will boot to the accounts' name. Then when I click on the account name, administrator or other, the program does not open but then asked if I am ready to shut down Windows. This happens in the Safe Mode also.

This happened after I attempted to remove the Win32/Nugel.E using a Trojan removal program. It disabled two files but I do not know their names.

I would appreciate any suggestions. I do not have the original Windows XP disc but I do have another one and I was wondering if I could used this to repair windows.
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  1. you will need to repair or reinstall reformat windows. Hopefully you have a backup of all your personal files.
    see the fifth post from the top in tom's hardware XP forum, for the directions.
    You can try the disk you have, (worth a try anyway) but you may need to buy a fresh XP SP3 professional disk.
    From now on, once you get the machine running, use high quality security program.
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