Where are the CPUs?

Hi Everyone,

A lot of the members on this has helped me make an informed purchase in the past 12 hrs. Thank you.

I decided to go with a E8400 or Q9300 depending on the price. After searching on a couple of websites I learned the CPUs are not available.

What happened to Intel? I never ran into CPU availablility issues in the past.

Thank you,
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  1. The e8400s were just released in small quantities

    The Q9300 hasn't even been launched yet
  2. you can find e8400's, just they tend to be slightly overpriced
  3. When do you think the Q9300 will be released?
  4. from the pre orders late this month.
  5. How about the E8400? When do you think it will be released/avaialble?
  6. If you want to over-pay a little, it is here as of now.

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