EVGA 8800GT - superclocked or regular?

I am trying to put the finnishing touches on my first PC build, and am looking at this graphics card. I have the Gigabyte P35- DS3L mobo, but these two graphics cards are now out. They are only about $10.00 difference on new egg, and was wondering if that "superclocked" really helps with performance, or just makes the thing run hotter. Trying to decide between these two.

Super clocked version:


Regular version:


thanks for any info.
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  1. and I just saw this, another card people are giving good reviews.

  2. If it were my money I would get the MSI, just for the cooler if nothing else as the single slot coolers are F...ing loud plus you then have the fun of OC'ing it yourself to see if you can reach the speeds of the expensive ones. And MSI cards usually OC quite well in my experience.
  3. as monkey said.
  4. For $289 on Newegg you can get the vanilla EVGA GTS 512 with dual-slot cooler :o
  5. leo2kp said:
    For $289 on Newegg you can get the vanilla EVGA GTS 512 with dual-slot cooler :o

    But that $70 dollars more, I don't see how that's better, even if you take the step-up program into the equation it still works out at more cash.
  6. well the MSI would save me 30-40 dollars, which is nice, but would I lose performance? I have been googling the card vs. evga for performance ranking but can't find anything.
  7. I doubt it, as the only real difference between various makes of cards is the factory OC (which you pay for!) and whatever is bundled with them, the MSI card however has that honking great cooler which IMO sets it apart very nicely.
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