best smaller mid-tower case

I want a case under 120 with good air cooling.
OC'ed e8400
PSU not chosen yet, recommendations?
1 hdd
1 dvd drive
4gb (2x2) memory

I only have 23 inches vertically and 11 inches wide of space. I want good cable management and I want the case to look cool (not crazy with 100's of flashing lights).
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  1. For the PSU, has some real good prices on Corsair's;,p01,op01,nf01,em01&ze01=5185&em01=953
    Newegg also has a sale going on Antec cases and power supplies. The P182 is a good deal for $100 after rebate;
    Crucial has finally come out with a Ballistix 2X2 kit;
    If you don't like that case, let me know, there a few more I can suggest.
  2. Since you said there was a height requirement, I assume a top mounted fan might not be the best thing for you, since the cooling design is most likely dependant on it. Here is a nice simple yet stylish looking case with great cooling, seems to be able to hold anything you could want, will easily fit your size requirments, and is well with in your price range.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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