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I'm trying to do something, which may not be possible! I'm trying to replace my old ATA/IDE HD, which I think is about to die, with a brand new SATA HD. Of course, my Compaq motherboard only has ATA/IDE connections (the old HD is currently on "Primary" with 2 jumpers). I thought I'd be smart and buy a PCI SATA Controller card. Well, I put my brand new HD on it, made a clone of my old HD on it (via Acronis). But I still cannot get rid of my old HD because I don't think I can boot from my SATA one (or I don't know how to check if I can). Anyway, i cannot reinstall my system on my new HD because I've long lost my Windows XP Recovery CD!

Does anyone have any idea how to fix all this mess!!!

Thanks in advance...
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  1. I guess that if I bought something like this it would help (Serial ATA SATA to PATA IDE 133/100 Converter Adapter) but I still have to make my new HD bootable without the Windows XP Recovery Disk!!!
  2. Have you tried disconnecting the IDE drive and see if it would boot off the SATA? I think it should. I've had PCI RAID cards that I booted off of before.
  3. If you installed a PCI SATA controller card and then hooked up a SATA drive and cloned the old C: drive to the new one, I must presume you also installed some software drivers in the process. If you can use the new drive, communicating with it is not the problem. So what is?

    First of all, to boot from a drive, it MUST be made bootable. Usually this is done at the time of cloning. I presume you used some disk utility for this job. Do you remember telling it to make the clone drive bootable? If you don't remember, of if you know the answer is "No", you might have to re-do the cloning and make sure this is specified.

    After that's done, you need to tell your computer to use this new drive as the boot drive. That is done in the BIOS Setup screens. If you've never been there, it has all kinds of interesting low-level information it there, and you do not want to change most of it. On many machines, here's the trick. When you first turn on the computer, hold down the "Del" key while it starts to boot up. It will go into the BIOS Setup screens that are all simple text-based stuff - does not look like Windows at all! If the "Del" key does not work, watch your screen very carefully for fast messages during early boot-up that tell you how to enter "Setup".
    In Setup look for prompts that tell you how to move - typically using the cursor keys - and how to change things. Typically you move to an item then, when it is highlighted, you use the Page Up and Page Down keys to make it cycle through some choices. You need to find two things. First, find the place where you specify what hard disks exist. Here you usually have to enable each disk so that it can be used. Then you look for a place to specify the Boot Priority. There you can specify an order of which devices are used to boot from. For example, yours may be set to try the DVD drive first, then the existing old HDD on the IDE controller. You need to change that to use the new SATA drive. It may be called a SCSI drive just to confuse you! When that's set you back out of the menu levels slowly (usually the "Esc" key) and at the main menu you move to where you can choose to Save these settings and Reboot. Do that and it should boot from your new drive and call it C:. To be sure, shut down and disconnect the old drive, then boot up. If it works, the only possibility is you have succeeded.
  4. Well, i guess you have found the first problem. No, I most probably did not make my new HD rebootable. I used ACRONIS to clone my old one and it never asked for it (of course I used the easy recommended setup!). My new HD is 1000GB. What can I use to reformat it and make it bootable?
    With anticipated thanks,
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