overclocking 8800gt

hey all i was looking at some 8800gt overclocks and there are some real good ones,i wanted to show mine in case anyone is interested core=705
shader=1766,and memory=1003 not to bad i dont think,using evga precision tool on my bfg 8800 gt oc.
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  1. Not too bad. What are the temps like?
  2. my temps are normal 42-23 deg with fan speed @62%....under load 58-61 deg with fan speed 70%.
  3. o.O imagine the temps with a 55nm 9800GT instead of the 65nm architecture of the 8800GT :D
  4. Two BFG 8800GT BIOS Flashed to 726/1819/1003 running in SLI, idle temps 40c load 46c, both equiped with Zalman VF1000 coolers
  5. VF1000... i still don't see the point of aftermarket coolers on a gpu unless you have a top end one cos you could just use the $100 ish all together on a better graphics card that would outperform the normal one+ expensive cooler!
  6. temps are good, i second 4ryan6's point tho. It also strengthens my belief that running two graphics cards is pretty pointless. Why not just get one better gpu then use the extra space for other components.

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