Need Help regarding few Hard Disk issue! pls help

hi all,

i just bought a couple of WD 1Tb green internal hdd wd10eads which i connect to laptop through external casing and am facing the following problems:

1. Even after fresh partition creation & formatting, when I do a scandisk(right-click-check now in vista) they have some errors like 'security processors' error when they try to fix for me, but after fixing when i run it again.. the same problem occurs, it never gets fixed? i used disk management to create the partition & formatting.

2. when i am copying data between the two same harddisks through external casing.. after copying a few files, there will be a 10-20sec pause before the copying continues.. then the 10-20 sec pause repeats

3. when i try to download the diagnostics tool fr western digital website and run it, it doesn't allow me to check my hard disk through the external casing, it categories my hard disk under \logical drive\ and only allows scanning of 'physical drive\ which is my laptop hard disk

4. the hard disk takes very long to be detected after i plug in the external casing and each scan disk always manage to find things to 'fix\ about it, which actually deletes my data to found.000 ( most of which cannot recovered).

the hard disks are relatively new, most prob. not hardware prob.. help pls

any help on any of the above issues will be greatly appreciated ... :ange:
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  1. What external "Casing" are you using and what interface does it use; from the sound of it, the "Casing" is more likley to be the problem rather than the drives.
  2. As Mr. Linux says, the external casing is the likely source. But part of it also is the way it connects to your portable. If that is done as a USB connection or by Firewire (aka IEEE1394a), there is a software driver installed in Windows to allow communication with the external device, and in the case there is an interface chip managing the communications at that end and handling the actual HDD. These are why the WD software says it is not a physical disk.

    The only way around that one that I know of is to use an eSATA interface between computer and external case. It appears that such a system depends totally on the eSATA controller in the computer to manage the interface and, to the BIOS and OS, it appears that the external drive is just another internal drive connected directly to its controller.

    Obviously, if you want to use an eSATA connection system you need a controller and connector built into you laptop. If you don't have that, you do not have that option. But if you do, AND if your external case also has a eSATA option for connecting, get yourself a proper eSATA cable and use it. It is the fastest, simplest interface system for external drives.
  3. hi all, thanks for reply

    i am using acryan 50138 and connected to my laptop thorugh eSATA card(also by acryan)

    somehow the problem persists..
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